BJD Commissions

I’ve been painting BJDs since 2006!  Please note that I will not paint recast BJDs, I support BJD artists.

I use an Iwata airbrush, soft pastels, and Golden brand acrylic paints. I seal using Mr. Super Clear and gloss with Liquitex brand gloss medium.  Please use my contact form if you’re interested in commissioning me to paint your BJD!


CUSTOM Face up: $65
ARTIST Face up: $50
(Lusion, ½ scale, and 80cm+ dolls are $5 extra)
High quality EYELASHES: $10
A B C or D styles. Black or brown only, click for photo.

Lower quality but fantasy colors, click for photo.

If you send your doll with new lashes, application is free.

Return shipping for one head in the US is $10 which covers $100 insurance, if you need more insurance or send more thane one head it may be extra. PM me if you need a quote outside of the US. I accept Paypal as payment, and I don’t ask for payment until after the face up is completed and the doll is ready to be sent home.



CUSTOM vs ARTIST face ups. Why the price difference?

For a CUSTOM face up
I will send you three sets of progress photos:
-Blushing unsealed (all the airbrushed work including lips, cheeks, eyeshadow etc),
-Line work unsealed, blushing sealed (line work includes eyeliner, eyebrows, eyelashes, freckles etc)
-Completed (fully sealed, gloss added, your doll is ready to be sent home!)

You are free to give me as much or as little detail as you feel is necessary for a CUSTOM face up, and in return you will have the ability to see all the progress and I can make any corrections during the process. The downside is that this will slow down the face up progress, so if you are in a rush it’s maybe no good!

For an ARTIST face up you will only get one set of photos: the completed face up. I ask for an idea of what style you’re looking for, the type of character your doll has, etc. Please keep very detailed specifications to a minimum, for example don’t say ‘I want the eyebrows to look like this photo exactly, and this specific shade of red’, but something like ‘red lips and angry expression’ would be fine.

The ARTIST face up is cheaper because it is more fun for me to do, and I have more artistic freedom to paint dolls the way I think they will look most beautiful ^^ If you like my face up work and are willing to let go of the reins it’s the right way to go!



Please fill out this face up form, even if you don’t want to! I really rely on your info being in a standard form format so I don’t have to go hunting through our entire conversation to find details. If you have already sent me a form and need to make changes or add anything, please resend the ENTIRE form so that I can just read the updated form to find all I need, instead of form + hunting through our conversation.

For a CUSTOM face up please fill out the entire form, for an ARTIST face up please just fill out parts 1 + 2.

1. Total shipping insurance needed:
Your shipping address:
Items in box:
Your paypal email:

2. Company and Mold:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Anything else you think I should know:
Eyelashes(if yes which style):

3. Eyebrows (color, expression, thickness):
Gloss on lips/eyes?:
General style you want:



Why do you need to know my paypal email?
I will send you an invoice for payment once your doll is completed! Also please check to make sure that the address in your paypal matches the address you want your doll returned to!

Why do you want me to list what’s in the box?
I like to make sure everything is found among the packing materials so nothing is misplaced!

How long is your usual turnaround?

It depends on the work, but my usual turnaround time for a face up is 1-3 weeks after the doll arrives. Shorter for an ARTIST face up, longer for a CUSTOM face up.

When do you need payment?
I don’t ask for any payments until I have completed photos for you. I accept Paypal as payment.

Where is you feedback?
Feedback for Sour_Dotz | Den of Angels

Tin Ink Studio on Etsy

Should I send eyes/wig/head cap?
It’s up to you! If you would like nicer finished photos, or eyebrows matched to a certain wig color then feel free to send any extras you would like to be in photos. But I don’t require anyone to send anything but the head!

Do you have glitter you can add to my doll’s face?
Yes and I am happy to use it!

Is there an additional charge for freckles?
No extra charge for freckles in any face up. BUT! Unless you request them I will not do them in an artist’s face up!

Can you provide eyelashes for my doll?
I can, but it is an extra charge! But if you send your doll along with a new pair of eyelashes I’m happy to apply them for no charge.

Feel free to email me anytime with any additional questions, thank you!


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Delf El



Musedoll Re-an