Monster High Commissions

I’m happy to take on whatever project you have in mind, if you need some kind of customization that isn’t listed here please feel free to email me about it and we can talk about what you need!

  • Full paint job: $80 includes body blushing, painted nails and painting the head and face



I require a $10 deposit per doll before I start work with the rest to be paid once I am ready to ship the finished doll to you.  I accept Paypal payments only.  I do not send progress photos when painting the face, I only send finished photographs!

I seal with Mr. Super Clear and use Tamiya gloss on the eyes and lips.


If you have questions or are ready to commission me for a Monster High custom doll please contact me!




Caring for a custom painted Monster High doll is not the same as the care for factory dolls.

The factory face paint is made to withstand the rough play, wear, and tear of a child’s toy.  Custom painted dolls are not!

The materials I use to paint custom Monster High dolls are: acrylic paints, Mr. Super Clear, and Tamiya X-22 gloss medium.


If you’re not interested in reading all this, the quick bullet points are:
-Acetone/rubbing alcohol will remove the paint
-Reroots must be done before painting, not after
-Don’t touch the face with your bare hands, especially glossy areas
-Store the doll in a cool dry place


Dolls should be rerooted before painting.   A repainted head should not be flexed or you risk causing cracks in the sealant which cannot be repaired.  Heating the head will damage the gloss and sealant.  Painted areas of the face should avoid being touched with bare fingers.  Finger oils or foreign contaminants can cause the sealant to degrade and become dirty.  The occasional touch is fine when posing, but the less you touch the face the longer it will last!

Factory face paint and repainted face paint will be removed if put in contact with removers like acetone or alcohol, so avoid contact with those materials unless you want to remove the paint.  The gloss can be delicate, and if not cared for correctly will become sticky and dirt will stick to it.  Store the doll in a cool dry space, as heat and excessive humidity can soften the gloss, and avoid touching areas with gloss with bare fingers.

When storing the doll keep anything from touching the face, avoid covering the face with fabric, tissues or any other material that is fibrous.  I recommend paper cups to cover the face if you need to store the doll.

A custom doll will last forever as long as it’s taken care of carefully!  This doesn’t mean you can’t pose and play with them, but they just aren’t made to have the durability of the factory face paint.